CCTV security systems can be monitored on-site, from a control panel, or control room installed in a building or home, or off-site through remote technology

Off-site monitoring can be set up as part of a ‘smart security’ system for homeowners and small business owners with CCTV systems. However, larger, more complex CCTV security systems can also be monitored off-site by dedicated security firms.

Off-site CCTV monitoring offers an invaluable increase to the security benefits of traditional and ‘smart’ CCTV systems. System control, maintenance, and response is maximised.

However, off-site monitoring is also ideal for CCTV systems that have been integrated with biometric applications. Biometrics are now in common use with restricted access control protocols. They are also used in high-level commercial and industrial surveillance systems. The data collation applications, video storage and footage archives that come with biometric integrated CCTV systems are considerable. They are also invaluable. Off-site monitoring ensures that these aspects of CCTV systems are safe from on-site tampering or other risks.

Other advantages to off-site CCTV monitoring:

  • Off-site monitoring also offers insurance against the risks associated with on-site human security and surveillance personnel. Surveillance is far more reliable and risk-free in the hands of a third-party monitoring provider.
  • Surveillance can be done by multiple people, from multiple locations. This ensures nothing is missed. You can have a security firm monitor for security risks, while you monitor your workforce for safety and production purposes.
  • Off-site CCTV monitoring offers 24/7, advanced, surveillance. Problems, security threats or anything else being monitored for can be picked up, and dealt with, instantly. Human monitoring is also supported, if not fully replaced, by AI surveillance. This ensures that ’nothing is missed’. AI applications can also collect data on behaviour patterns and help identify potential security risks or other risks to production among a workforce.
  • Off-site monitoring can significantly reduce the costs associated with hiring surveillance personnel for in-house monitoring, as well as reduce premises and business insurance costs.

Off-site monitoring offers peace of mind in numerous ways – far beyond that offered by standard CCTV systems that must be monitored on-site.