CCTV systems are a significant security investment, whether for your business or home. So, it’s important to ensure that ‘you get what you are paying for’. In short, this is maximum security with optimal installation.

You want to ensure that your CCTV is effective, reliable, and safe from sabotage. You also want to know what costs you are in for overall, and what ‘extras’ you might have to pay for. You should consider the following:

When installing CCTV:

  • If you already have a security system or hardware installed, such as alarms, you need to ask your CCTV provider if their system can integrate with them. Alternatively, if there are CCTV equipment options, what system will integrate best? If they cannot integrate, get a quote on the replacement measures and costs of new hardware beforehand. This will help you, and your CCTV provider, plan the most effective security system for your needs and budget.
  • Similarly, you want to ensure that you can add to your CCTV system, with more cameras or other security equipment, if you need it. Ensure that your CCTV security system provider is able set up your CCTV in a way that it can be added to without a major re-installation. Asking this question will help you plan for future security needs as budget allows. It will also help your provider point out potential security vulnerabilities you may not be aware of – and budget for them.
  • Monthly and future costs. Getting CCTV installed is one thing, but what is involved in maintaining the equipment and system? What can go wrong, and who do you call in a malfunction emergency? Does the CCTV installer provide an emergency service, or do they have partners for emergency component repair? In asking this question, you will get insight into what can go wrong (e.g. the cameras working perfectly, but not the indoor monitors) as well as maintenance needs. Ask about warranties, and monthly maintenance arrangements.

Your CCTV installer will help you realise the best, integrated, security set up, but it’s up to you help them do that in a way that is specific to your needs, budgets, security threats, and what will give you complete peace of mind.