Dedicated bandwidth is internet capacity reserved for a sole subscriber. It is used instead of traditional internet subscriptions (shared bandwidth) by businesses that need a lot of bandwidth for their online activities as well as reliable connectivity and internet speeds.

The advantages of dedicated bandwidth include:

  • Consistent connection, without the internet speed fluctuations associated with shared bandwidths. These fluctuations generally occur at certain ‘peak usage’ times.
  • Faster connections
  • Reliable internet speed
  • Matching upload and download speed with high data output

It makes sense then that businesses with high VoIP call volumes and VoIP requirements would benefit as much as any other system or application requiring the internet.

Businesses that benefit from dedicated bandwidth for VoIP:

  • Businesses that make and receive a high number of calls throughout the day. These businesses can save hugely on costs using VoIP instead of cellular or landline telephony – but only with dedicated bandwidth.
  • Call centres, or business with in-house 24-hour call-centre operations.
  • Any business that uploads or and downloads a lot of data, including that related to VoIP. Multiple internet usage applications can run simultaneously on a dedicated bandwidth subscription.

Advantages of dedicated bandwidth for VoIP:

  • The amount of bandwidth your business needs depends on the number of simultaneous calls you expect to make and/or receive. With dedicated bandwidth, you can ensure that you have exactly enough and increase it easily.
  • Highest quality calls with no delays or feedback
  • Fewer dropped calls
  • Easy data management, including real-time data collection (thanks to consistent connection)

Small businesses that need to budget for their internet don’t necessarily need dedicated bandwidth – whether for VoIP or anything else. However, if you make calls over the internet to save on telephone bills, you need to weigh up the impact of bad connections and dropped calls.

If you discover a significant financial impact, your business may well benefit from dedicated bandwidth.